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Welcome to my hometown the Village of Palmetto Bay. This is the City where I was raised and where my family continues lives. It is a Village I care deeply about and am truly concerned about its future.

We have wonderful neighborhoods, schools, amazing parks and recreations, and one of the best communities in South Florida. However, we are facing serious challenges, from the proper fiscal management of our Village to pressing concerns with traffic congestion, overdevelopment and first responder services.

The time is now to correct the course of our Village and solve the fundamental issues that have remained untouched and lingering for so long. With the overwhelming number of new projects and increased population that is planned, our Quality of Life is going to suffer unless we act now. We must immediately address traffic issues and the ability of our emergency services to reach those in need. We must address development and create a realistic master plan that meets the needs of the Village residents. All these and more have to be immediately addressed for us to keep the Quality of Life enjoyable in the Village that we love.

It is for these reasons that I have decided to ask my fellow Village residents to elect me to the Village Commission Seat Number 2 this November. I believe that all of the challenges we face in our growing community are solvable with the right focus and leadership. Together we can make the Village of Palmetto Bay a great city that all residents will be proud to call home.

David M. Singer

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About David Singer

David is a local community leader and businessman.

His professional focus is on real estate and commercial property development and management. With his professional experience and success in South Florida, David has prospered while continuing to advocate for residents, schools and businesses of our local Palmetto Bay community.

As a lifelong resident of South Florida, I have learned, lived and focused on the issues that confront us in our Village today. I am not a career politician, and I am a local businessman keenly interested in the success and prosperity of our South Florida home.

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David Singer & Wife

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David M. Signer

Commitment and Dedication You Can Trust!

When a member of our community is elected to office, they are entrusted to make decisions on our behalf that affect everyone’s quality of life. The elected official has a responsibility to make those decisions in a way that serves the interests of the community as a whole and not to make decisions that are self-serving or that benefit special interests. I will continue to fight any and all initiatives that will add to our traffic congestion in our residential communities, threaten our sensitive environment, and diminish our quality of life.

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