David M. Singer Bio

David M. Singer

As a lifelong resident of South Florida, I have learned, lived and focused on the issues that confront us in our Village today.  I am not a career politician, and I am a local businessman keenly interested in the success and prosperity of our South Florida home.

  • I was born in Baptist Hospital the first year it was open in 1961
  • I attended Coral Reef Elementary, Palmetto Middle School and Palmetto Senior High School
  • I am a graduate of Florida State University – School of Business
  • I received a Certificate of Accounting after attending two years at University of Miami
  • I hold Florida CPA & Florida Real Estate Licensee
  • I worked for years as a public auditor at Kenneth Leventhal & Company
  • I was a Finalist 2010 South Florida CFO of the Year Award
  • I am currently employed by Berkowitz Development Group as their CFO and CEO
  • I am on the Executive Board of Directors of the Real Estate Education & Research at Florida State University
  • I am a member of the Florida Institute of Certified Public Accountants and American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
  • I am a member of the International Council of Shopping Centers
  • I spent a year working for the organization “We Will Rebuild” after Hurricane Andrew.

A Local Community Leader & Businessman

My name is David Singer.

By way of background, I was born in Baptist Hospital the first year it was open in 1961. I grew up in what is now the Village of Palmetto Bay and attended Coral Reef Elementary, Palmetto Junior and Senior High School.

When I left for college, I always knew that someday I would return to the area I was raised to give my children the same opportunities and education base that I was given by my parents and the fact I loved my Village, friends and neighbors I grew up with.

I still have friends who live in the Village of Palmetto Bay that attended Coral Reef Elementary with me. I also have new friends that have moved into the Village as recently as six months ago. We all agree on one thing, that our city government has at times been a great disservice to this community.

I may not speak softly or eloquently because I wear my passion and love for this community on my sleeve. I can say for certain that what has been done is taken the first three steps in ruining every resident’s quality of life in the Village. And for what, a payback to a personal friend who also happens to be a developer?

The Council took an oath to serve the interests of the residents of Palmetto Bay. An increase of 485 apartments or (6% of the existing homes) in Palmetto Bay located right on Old Cutler, a historical two-lane street, which does just the opposite. It also risks the value of all homes in the surrounding area and undeniably our quality of life.

Some in our local Village Government have sold their political souls to the highest bidder hurting the community in both the short and long run.

My dad used to always tell me, it doesn’t matter how many times you repeat a lie, it doesn’t make it the truth…. and we as Village residents will never accept it.

As I said, I love this Village and the people who live here. I also have more respect for their wishes then apparently our current elected officials. I know the residents of Palmetto Bay will continue to fight for their Village and quality of life now and when they are no longer in office.

If there is one positive that came out of these shenanigans is that they have brought together every teacher, plumber, lawyer, homemaker, CPA, and doctor in this community in a joint effort to stop this travesty from moving forward.

This Village will move in a forward direction and continue to fight for our quality of life whether you are there to support us or not.

This is a time for Plain Speaking and the Truth!



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