Five reasons to vote for David Singer
For the Village of Palmetto Bay – Council Seat 2

As in any typical election, Palmetto Bay residents have asked why they should vote for me.

  • What makes me different from the incumbent I am running against?
  • What will I do differently than what’s been done in the past?
  • What do I stand for?

So, below are a few of my thoughts and qualities I hope you remember when voting in November.

I have been a resident of what is now the Village of Palmetto Bay my entire life. I attended Coral Reef Elementary, Palmetto Middle School and Palmetto High School. I’ve never wandered far from where I consider home. I have three children that attended the same schools I did. My sisters grew up in Palmetto Bay and attended these exact same schools. Palmetto Bay is where I live and plan on retiring. I care deeply about what is happening to our Village and can’t sit idly by and watch it be decimated by overdevelopment, traffic issues and increased property taxes due to an ever-escalating municipal budget.

I am and have been a CPA for over 30 years. First in Public Accounting as an auditor then in private business. I have worked with operating and capital budgets in excess of $50 million dollars. I have the innate ability to grasp the idea of waste in bureaucracy. Tax dollars expended paying operating expenses of Palmetto Bay is your money and the individuals running the Village need to understand that they have a fiduciary responsibility to insure your money is spent prudently and in a fashion that you agree with. I will never vote for a budget I consider padded with wasteful spending.

I work at a Real Estate development company. I understand overdevelopment and what a negative effect it can have on a community. I have seen it occur on Kendall Drive and other areas within Dade County and I am absolutely against overdevelopment. There is a huge difference between smart development and development for developments sake. I do not believe in developers getting wealthy while residents suffer the consequences. I reject the idea that Palmetto Bay needs an additional 6,500 apartment units within our Village of 8,000 single-family homes. The individuals, who reviewed and approved zoning changes for overdevelopment in our community, did nothing but damage our Village and our future quality of life.

I will tell the truth. This is the reason Mayor Gene Flinn and Village Manager Ed Silva are terrified I will be elected. This is the reason the Village filed litigation against me for using the Village seal on my website when previous candidates have used the same seal in their election campaigns. This is the reason Councilman Tim Schaffer filed an ethics complaint against me for using a triceratops on my website (more about Tim Schaffer later). I promise to be honest with Village residents. Whether good, bad or indifferent, the facts are the facts and I will always tell the truth. Palmetto Bay residents deserve to know the truth about their Village government.

I love where I live. I’m not saying we don’t have problems because I believe we do. I also believe it’s time to focus on the problems before focusing on grander schemes, which will definitely lead to more problems within our community. Whether you have lived in Palmetto Bay your whole life or you just moved here, I believe you are living here because you enjoy this community and our quality of life. I don’t want to see the Village’s quality of life change unless it’s going to improve and grow. If we don’t fight for our quality of life now, our Village won’t be recognizable in five or ten years and I assure you it won’t be for the better.

I am like you. I care about our community and keeping is calm and safe place for my children and yours.

I want thank everyone in the Village in advance for voting for me for The Village of Palmetto Bay Council Seat 2

If you would like to find out more about me, please see more here on my website or my Facebook page David M Singer for Palmetto Bay Commission. If you have any questions regarding my campaign, you can contact me here on my website or by email me at

David Singer