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By Eugene Flinn

Palmetto Bay’s David Singer: fighting to save our village | Palmetto Bay
Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I certainly had some interesting exchanges with David Singer when I was mayor. I still do. But I do want to point out that speaking out is not a crime. Government officials should welcome those who express a difference of opinion. Involving everyone leads to a much improved result for all. It can be at times uncomforatable to watch Mayor Stanczyk’s body language when residents raise issues of concern with the direction of Palmetto Bay. The body language appears clear to me that Mayor Stanczyk far too often resents speakers such as Mr. Singer and others who speak out for the good of our Palmetto Bay. My recommendation to our current elected officials is not to close your mind, you might miss a great idea or creative solution to an issue important to the village.

Mr. Singer and I may not always agree (he agrees with me on this point) but he has his well researched views and he certainly carries some relevant financial qualifications. I recommend that we work together and hear each other out. Palmetto Bay would work better if people returned to focusing on the quality of the argument rather than accepting or closing their minds based upon who is speaking.

In the meantime I am hearing quite a buzz from people who would like to see leadership step forward to redirect the current direction of this mayor and council. Word is that Mr. Singer may just be considering stepping forward after being prompted by numerous residents.

I have posted prior that an elected official can and should be judged by how they conduct themselves both at public meetings as well as the antics of their supporters. Enough is enough. I was shocked to read a blog entry posted by South Dade Matters: “PB: More Indecorous and Some Just Plain Odd Behavior.” Read it for yourself. There are links to the actual meeting video. You can judge with your own eyes.

This issue has been raised numerous times,with no improvement in sight. I even followed up when Palmetto Bay News Publisher Grant Miller used humor rather than heavy-handedness to review the unfortunate situation which occurred on Monday,May 21, 2012, or as Grant Miller states; “the day in Palmetto Bay Council history when Mayor Stanczyk called upon the police to remove a concerned resident from a council meeting.”

Mr. Miller has asked the question that many who regular attend council meetings continue to ask: What has happened to civility and respect for opposing viewpoints in Palmetto Bay?

Good question. We all are patiently waiting for the answer.

I may not always agree with you Mr. Singer, but keep speaking out!

Paid For and Approved By David Singer, Candidate for District 2, Village of Palmetto Bay