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Are You A Resident Of Palmetto Bay?

Don’t Village Residents Deserve to Know the Honest Truth About What Is Going On?

I think so. I’m David Singer, and I’m running to change our Village government!

By now, everyone who lives in the Village of Palmetto Bay should have either heard or read various opinions related to the Changes in Zoning at the Palmetto Bay Village Center. This will ultimately result in the development of 485 residential units directly off Old Cutler Rd.

Both Mayor Eugene Flinn and Council member Karyn Cunningham have written opinion pieces in the Palmetto Bay Community Newspaper on why they either voted (Flinn) for or against (Cunningham) these zoning changes.

In addition to these written opinion pieces, Mayor Eugene Flinn and Council members Tim Schaffer and Larissa Lara Siegel have spent thousands of Palmetto Bay Village resident’s tax dollars engaging a professional public relation expert to produce short videos defending their actions. Council member Karyn Cunningham took the high road and did not waste taxpayer’s money substantiating her position.

Most of the information they have disseminated to the public is either false or if not, represent typical political jargon that we as residents hear on the National,State and Local levels. The following facts below are 100% accurate and I am willing to send any resident of the Village evidence to support my comments/position. I believe if Mayor Eugene Flinn or Council members Tim Schaffer and Larissa Lara Siegel have evidence to support their position they should provide any documentation, as I am always willing to do. Unfortunately, you will never receive it from the Village because as stated above what they have told the Village residents is a blatant attempt to misguide them.
The Covenant that controls the Palmetto Bay Village Center never had an automatic expiration date. Village Manager Ed Silva went on record stating that the Covenant was to expire in 2018. That is completely inaccurate. The Covenant that controls the land automatically renews for successive 10 years periods unless the council releases, modifies, or amends it. As they did when they passed zoning changes in March 2016, which relate to the land that the Covenant controls.

Prior to June 2008, during Mayor Flynn’s second term, there were absolutely no zoning rights to develop any additional square footage at the Palmetto Bay Village Center. Mayor Flinn along with the remaining Council voted to create VMU district, which permitted 100 single-family attached dwelling units (town homes) and 300 senior housing units intended per Palmetto Bay Ordinance No 08-09 to be used as “housing for older persons”.

Per same Ordinance No 08-09 any additional approvals, apartment and condominium are not mentioned, would require the Village Councils approval of use provided such uses would not have an unfavorable effect on the economy of the Village, would not generate or result in excessive noise or traffic, cause undue or excessive burden on public facilities. The last sentence is directly taken from the Ordinance that Mayor Eugene Flinn passed June 2008. Apartments or Condos were never contemplated on being built and for good reason, traffic concerns on Old Cutler Rd.

Until Mayor Gene Flinn, Council members Larissa Lara Siegel and Tim Schaffer passed a Resolution and Village Ordinance in March 2016, the developer never had the zoning or legal right to build 485 apartments or condos at Palmetto Bay Village Center. It had never been contemplated in any previous actions taken by the Village Council. In fact, the 40+/- acres that were given to the Village in exchange for permitting the zoning rights to build 485 condo/apartments had always been considered park facilities with no such permitted housing use allowed.

According to the Village of Palmetto Bay Transportation Master Plan Executive Summary, prepared by the Corradino Group, and completed prior to the zoning rights given for the new 485 Condo/Apartments to be built at the Palmetto Bay Office Center, Old Cutler Road is at over capacity. In fact, and this is directly out of the Corradino Report it states “Currently LOS (Level of Service) is unacceptable on Old Cutler Road. Mayor Eugene Flinn, Village Manager Ed Silva and Council members Tim Schaffer and Larissa Lara Siegel had access to this report prior to voting on the change in zoning at the Palmetto Bay Village Center.

As everyone who reads my blog should know, and for full disclosure, I am running for Palmetto Bay District Two Seat. The information you are reading has nothing to do with the fact that I am running for Council member Tim Schaffer’s seat. This isn’t about politics as Mayor Gene Flinn has stated on many occasions. This is about certain Council members selling out the community that they swore to protect. Whether I am elected or not, I have historically and will continue to fight for the average resident that lives in the Village. I will not let certain individuals at Village Hall invent facts or continue to misguide the residents of Palmetto Bay. Revisionist history will never be an accepted practice in our community. This Village needs honest representation and currently it’s not abundant at Village Hall.

David M. Singer
July 12, 2016

Paid For and Approved By David Singer, Candidate for District 2, Village of Palmetto Bay