Elect David Singer for the Village of Palmetto Bay Council

Why did the Village of Palmetto Bay Incorporate?

Because we believed it was the right thing to do!

It’s been approximately 14 years since the residents of what is now called the Village of Palmetto Bay voted for incorporation under the belief that it would be extremely beneficial to those who lived in our Village. I was and still am one of those individuals who held that belief.

Currently, I’ve had more than a few residents ask me why we incorporated and have implied it has caused more problems than it has solved if we had remained under the umbrella of unincorporated Miami-Dade County.

One of the more valuable reasons that the Village incorporated was to give 18, 000 +/- residents a voice in the direction of our Village. A voice that the residents felt wasn’t being heard in the big bureaucracy of Miami-Dade County. We also wanted to be in control of the financial future of our Village.
Lately, it seems that neither of these necessities and desires are being met. Neither, Mayor Gene Flinn or Village Manager Ed Silva has any interest in truly listening to the wishes of the residents. Yes, they may actually stop to talk and hear you but they don’t seem to be truly listening.

The same can be held true of council members Tim Schaffer and Larissa Lara Siegel. Judge for yourself, and review their voting record. You get the distinct impression that they feel it’s their Village and they have basically ignored any input from Village residents.

In any event, every household or government entity has “wants” or “needs” to function. A want is a master list of everything the entity would like to purchase or have if they had available funds. A need is what the entity actually has to have to make it function and survive.

Palmetto Bay Village Manager Ed Silva is operating on the theory of “wants”. That is why we’ve had these crazy budgeted conversations about Olympic size swimming pools, 15,000 square foot recreational centers being built at Coral Reef Park or even more recently the Village financing and building a multi-million dollar intermodal center next to Village Hall. It’s nice to have wants, but not at taxpayer’s expense.

I believe Village residents understand the difference between “needs” and “wants”, and probably feel “wants” are a nice benefit but would rather see the “needs” of the Village come first. Needs, as in police protection, traffic control, controlled development, flood control and responsive Village services, just to name a few.

Mayor Gene Flinn and Village Manager Ed Silva have lost sight of meeting the “needs” of Village residents while focusing on the “wants” of their administration. There is going to be a financial, quality of life disaster ahead for the Village in both the short and long term if Council members Tim Schaffer and Larissa Lara Siegel continue to blindly approve these “wants” objectives. Once again, without truly listening to the voices of the residents.

If certain members of this administration don’t stop and listen to our residents, we as residents are going to suffer and all feel the financial pain and impact on the Village’s quality of life. This is the reasons I’m running for Council seat district 2. We “need” individuals on the Council that focus on the requirements of the residents and aspire to improve their quality of life not diminish it.

Thank you

David Singer
Jule 20, 2016

Paid For and Approved By David Singer, Candidate for District 2, Village of Palmetto Bay