Why Elect David Singer?

As your Village Commissioner, I will be serving you and your family by fighting for the things we value most – fiscally efficient government, real traffic solutions, safer neighborhoods and improved parks while protecting our delicate environment and keeping your taxes low.

David M Singer


The Village of Palmetto Bay is where I and my family live. It is a place I care deeply about and am concerned about its future.

We have wonderful neighborhoods, amazing parks and recreations, involved and concerned residents that make us and one of the best communities in South Florida. However, we also have our challenges, from the proper fiscal management of our Village to pressing concerns over traffic congestion and first responder services.

These challenges and others are real and are not currently being addressed properly and because that is the case, I have decided to ask my fellow Villagers to elect me to the Village Commission Seat Number 2 this November. I believe that all of the challenges we face in our Village are solvable with the right focus and leadership. Together we can make the Village an even a better city and secure and protect its future for our children.

We all know that the time is now to correct the course of our Village and solve fundamental issues that have remained unresolved and allowed to get worse for too long. With the new planned projects comes increased population density, overwhelming traffic, and strain on our first responder services. As such, our quality of life is going to suffer unless we act now. We must immediately address traffic, the ability of our emergency services to reach those in need, and create a realistic master plan that does not permit the doubling of the Villages population.

All these issues have to be address for us to keep the Village that we love.

David M. Singer

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Protecting What Matters To Our Community

Protecting our Quality of Life

When a member of our community is elected to office, they are entrusted to make decisions on our behalf that affect everyone’s Quality of Life. The elected official has a responsibility to make those decisions in a way that serves the interests of the community as a whole and not to make decisions that are self-serving or that benefit special interests. I will fight any and all initiatives that will add to our traffic congestion in our residential communities, threaten our sensitive environment, and diminish our Quality of Life.

Better Village Government

David Singer is a strong advocate of fiscal responsibility and having a Village that is responsive to the needs of its residents. He is a Florida CPA who has a history of investigating and stopping wasteful spending practices and will put his knowledge to work in areas that will positively impact the Village.

As a resident David Singer has fought to ensure fiscal responsibility of our Village’s finances from reckless expenditures to unnecessary spending projects, and when elected will vote against raising your taxes.

He will worked hard to be an advocate to ensure that our Village is a “Customer Friendly” government. He believes that part of the benefits of having a small Village Government is that we can get away from the vast bureaucratic, slow moving and unresponsive attitude of Miami-Dade county government.

Safe Neighborhoods

David Singer will lead the effort to continue to bring community safety to the forefront when in office. He has helped as an advocate to ensure that our Village provides the highest level of public safety to our residents. He believes in the need to hire more police officers without raising taxes and understands that “Safe Neighborhoods” are essential to preserving and improving our Quality of Life for Palmetto Bay families like his own.

Environmental Champion

David Singer will fight to protect our environment. He has been vocal on strengthening the protection of our water supply, supported the “Green Corridor Initiative” and believes in the need to increase open spaces, parks and tree canopies.

Better Parks

David Singer understands, firsthand, the important role that parks play in our community. After all, Palmetto Bay is renowned as “The Village of Parks.” David as an advocate insured that Thalatta Park was open to all Village residents, not closed for private parties. When he is elected he will continue to demonstrate his commitment to ensuring that our parks have adequate funding to create youth programs, foster family activities and community events, while offering a safe and natural atmosphere to all our residents.